QuestionQuestion 1Training and change management activities:Question 1 options:are most effective…

QuestionQuestion 1Training and change management activities:Question 1 options:are most effective when conducted throughout design, go live, and post-implementation follow-up.include technical training only.take place just before the go live stage of not include the design of user interfaces.Question 2When we talk about “front-office” capabilities of today’s ERP systems, we are referring to which of the following?Question 2 options:The human resource functionsThe administrative functionsThe payroll functionsNone of the aboveQuestion 3PRM stands for Personnel Relationship Management.Question 3 options:True FalseQuestion 4Which of the following is not true regarding customer relationship management (CRM) systems?Question 4 options:CRM does not require data from multiple applications.CRM requires the collection of customer demographic data.Business intelligence tools can enhance CRM.CRM can help managers to better understand customer purchasing behavior.Question 5Business intelligence tools have no relationship with CRM.Question 5 options:TrueFalseQuestion 6Change management activities are nice to include in an enterprise system implementation, but they aren't necessary.Question 6 options:TrueFalseQuestion 7Business process reengineering, as it relates to an enterprise system implementation:Question 7 options:always succeeds the implementation.always precedes the implementation.may precede or succeed an implementation depending on the need to conform with industry best practices.may precede or be concurrent with implementation depending on the need to conform with industry best practices.Question 8Components of an ERP's architecture typically include:Question 8 options:a UNIX operating system.a centralized database running on a mainframe computer.internet portals and multiple databases.a centralized database and application interfaces.Question 9When we talk about a Value-Added Reseller, in the context of accounting and enterprise software, we are referring to an individual or business that:Question 9 options:is a qualified installer of mid-level or high-end accounting software .makes special arrangements with software vendors and is able to train customers.usually assists small businesses select entry-level, small business software.both (b) and (c)none of the aboveQuestion 10The Internet can be a great tool in learning about specialized accounting software options.Question 10 options:TrueFalse

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