Question 1 (worth 50 points jointly or 25 point per subcomponent). The answer to each of…

Question 1 (worth 50 points jointly or 25 point per subcomponent). The answer to each of thesubcomponents of question 1 (1a and 1b, respectively) should be expressed in a well­written concisemanner with ample justification provided for the answer given. The quality of writing will be included inthe grading rubric Please provide only one scenario for each of the subcomponents (even though multiplescenarios may be possible).Accepting that at sensor radiance is Ll = (Tθ o*(ρ *Eo*cosθ o))/(Tθ v*( Ω *Α * cosθ v)), describe realisticconditions when:a) Ll is nearly equivalent to (ρ *Eo*cosθ o)/( Ω *Α * cosθ v) (getting rid of the Earths atmosphere is NOT arealistic condition, but if you consider BRDF effects you can find a realistic option)b) Ll = (ρ *Eo*cosθ o)/( Ω *Α * cosθ v) is not at all comparable to (Tθ o*(ρ *Eo*cosθ o))/(Tθ v*( Ω *Α * cosθ v))Question 2 (worth 50 points). Describe a satellite­based system for observing the surface of Venus inoptical (Visible­NIR­SWIR) and thermal EMR range. In your answer you have to consider the planetsactual atmosphere and the corresponding windows as well as its reflectivity and emissivity. You need todescribe a hypothetical instrument (or a set of instruments) that would support daily observations of thesurface of the planet. Describe the spectral, spatial, temporal, and radiometric resolution of a possiblesystem and provide ample justification for the values you are proposing.

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