Question 1: Discuss the relationship of humanity with the natural world. Compare one example of…

Question 1:

Discuss the relationship of humanity with the natural world. Compare one example of Chinese architecture (not the Great Wall) with one example of Japanese architecture, including shrines and temple sites. What underlying beliefs of each culture are reflected in the choices seen in the buildings? Think about the exterior architecture as well as the interior plans, the location of the buildings, and the surroundings of the buildings. How do the architects reflect the natural world in the buildings?

Question 2:

We learned that in 1897, a British unit sacked and burned the royal palace at Benin. The raid was as a reprisal for the earlier murder of a trade delegation. During the raid, the British appropriated all the art they could carry out as war booty. Thus, African art was carried away without recording any information about its original location or purpose, and its context was lost to scholars. This scenario has been repeated numerous times through the years in many times and places.

Discuss whether the destruction and dispersal of such artworks are normal and natural consequences of human conflict. Explain what you think scholars should do as examples of this type of lost art begin to appear in public collections or museums.

Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific works of art that you have read about this week, talking about how they illustrate and support your ideas.

Respond to both questions as thoroughly as possible, making sure to use information from the readings and the lectures. All responses should be in complete sentence form, using proper spelling and grammar.

Discussion question responses should be at least a one-half, double-spaced page in length. Your responses to your peers’ writing should be at least a good paragraph in length for each question and should include specifics from the text or lecture.


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