Q1. The main goals are description of behaviour, prediction of behaviour, determination of the…

Q1. The main goals are description of behaviour, prediction of behaviour, determination of the causes of behaviour, and explanations of behaviour.The first two goals focus on plan and structure for researches. Description is the principal task, which states the purpose of the research. Prediction predicts the specific behaviours or outcomes, which is the direction for experimental design. The other two focus on causalities. Determinationconnects the evidence with prediction to proof and understand behaviours’ relationships. Explanations conclude the influences in the research and to awareness the causes. Therefore, experiments help people to better understand causalities for behavioural decision science. Q2. The main differences are “randomly assigns†and “identical experimental conditionsâ€. For example, the controlled study wants to test whether oily food causes heart disease. It will randomly find people and assign them into two groups; one eats oily food and the other is not(other conditions are same). After a period of time, we measure the difference. For correlational study, we find samples have different eating preference, some likes to eat oily food and some likes less oily. Then, we isolate the possible effects; at last learn the relationship between these different behaviours. Q3. The four ethical principles are informed consent, debriefing, privacy and confidentiality, and fraud. For informed consent, the researchers show participants the accurate description and potential risks; participants can stop anytime. For debriefing, researchers show the processes and methods used during the experimenter and reasons for usages, avoiding people have negative feelings. For privacy and confidentiality, the researchers will keep and use for the data safely to protect participants’ privacy. For Fraud, researchers cannot make fake data; ignore the false in data, analyses and conclusion in published report to be responsible for scientific community. Q4. In this online grocery shopping we participated is correlated research, because we are not randomly assigned and not in the identical experimental conditions.As well, the purpose is to define the relationship between behaviours. In this part, we purchased health and unhealthy foods first without restrictions; this process is the predictor variable. After purchase, we did the survey, which is the outcome variable. When will finish survey, researchers will collect the data and analyse the data in order to find the conclusions because causalities between these behaviours cannot be established. Q5. Sitting positions can influence how we shop. The controlled study part, which randomly assigned people with different postures, proofs that.Compared with their found, I also connect with my experience. I was learning. The majority of foods I picked were unhealthy. When I picked the foods I rarely thought whether they were healthy or not. I only picked the foods I wanted. Therefore, it fits to Dario’s presentation that “learning sit position people will buy more unhealthy foods than reclining sit position peopleâ€. The reason is that leaning is “approach motivation†that makes people attracted, irrational and impulsivity. However, for reclining, it is “avoidance motivation†that helps people more self-control and calmness. Q6. The main four goals of Scientifics research are description of behaviour, prediction of behaviour, determination of the causes of behaviour, and explanations of behaviour. For the part we participated, the researchers aimed to meet the goals aredescription of behaviour and prediction of behaviour. In thispart, the researchers set up the purpose for the experiment that is to find the relationship between postures and purchase behaviours. Then, they design the experiment properly to test and predict whether the sitting position will influence people shopping online for groc

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