Public Administration and Policy

Definition and Explanation

In no more than one (1) paragraph define and
explain the term in the context (Please Explain all below)

1.National Debt

2.Keynesian Economics

3.Budget Cycle


5.Emminent Domain


In no fewer than five (5) paragraphs, explain
each answer in as much detail as possible.(Please Answer all questions below)

1.The annual budget of the United
States can be described in five (5) ?stages.? What are they? Explain what
occurs at each stage and when in the overall process each occurs.

2.The practice of permitting public
employees to unionize is relatively new. How do public employees today organize
and utilize Collective bargaining to define their positions? What are the steps
that are taken by public employees in the unionization process, and finally,
are there some things non-public employees can bargain for that public
employees cannot?

3.The rights of individuals in the United States
are not absolute but are subject to carefully crafted limits.

a.Explain this. What rights are subject to
restrictions, and how have the Courts reviewed and determined the permissible

b.How have the Courts balanced the goal of
diversity and the Constitutional guaranty of ?equal protection??

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