Ptoject 1

1-Do you see the religions of China, religions that came into being in very ancient times, as being completely foreign to modern belief systems?

50 Words

2-What do these ancient belief systems have to offer people who live in the twenty-first century?

50 Words

3-Think about the Japanese art forms and consider and write – in a minimum of 250 words – how Zen Buddhism shaped them.

250 Words

4-Which do you think would be better suited to reducing STDs and unwanted pregnancies among adolescents: abstinence, only education programs or more comprehensive sex education programs?

In plain language, sexual disorders can be summarized this way: The person doesn’t want to do it. The person wants to do it but can’t get aroused. The person wants to do it, gets aroused, but has problems with orgasm. The person wants to do it and gets aroused, but lovemaking is uncomfortable. What are the formal terms for each of these situations?

250 Words

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