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This is acoherent paper and there is 4 parts about this assignment, I finished the first 3 parts and I will show you my work below. Please base on my first 3 parts to write the part 4!

Part one:You will be asked to select a topic from the Neuroscience. Write a 100 word MAX description of the topic, discovery or event in the news. appropriateness of topic, spelling, grammar, and clarity all count.?

MY ANSWER: My topic is “your brain on games”. The employee performance, productivity and engagement are the significant business issues in workplaces. The gamification in business can help employee improve their gain traction in the workplaces so that many companies start popularize gaming action in workplaces. Gamification in business is not only make employee happy but also base on the science. When people play game to win the prize, earn more point and achieve higher level, the dopamine level in their body will increase which can make them feel happy; And also increased dopamine level can help employee increased learning skills in workplaces.

Source from:

Part 2.Reading list – annotated bibliography – provide a list of research papers that you will be consulting for the final paper. These should be related to the topic obviously and they should combine to cover the methods in question and the processes. For example you might include one or two papers on the methods (e.g., ERP) and a few others on the processes (e.g., memory) and a couple where process and methods are both the same (e.g. papers on ERP and memory). You should have at least 6 journal articles and they must be real journal articles, not Wikipedia entries or newspaper stories or from somebody's blog. Provide the APA citation and a brief description of the paper. Be concise and clear. Appropriateness of articles, clarity, APA formatting, as well as spelling and grammar will be considered during grading.

My answer: the journal articles will be up lode as file below

Part 3. Paper outline – submit an outline of your intended paper as follows.

My answer:

1. Introduction

? Details about the impact of games on the human brain.

? Background information.

1. Games and neurochemicals

2.Functioning of game mechanics and dynamics

3. Human engagement in gamification

2. Body

? The Process-

o Application of games for non-game contexts.

o Introduction to Gamification and its various aspects- its effectiveness and its pros & cons


? Current theories regarding Process

o Theory of Work Gamification

o Theory of Learning Gamification

? How it emerges from Neural Activity

o Cognitive functions utilized by the digital games.

o What makes games engaging

o The relationship between performance and engagement.

o Understanding the neural mechanisms and the associated behavior for perception and action.


? How it relates to real world

o Gamification initiatives at the workplace for employee well-being.

o Gamification initiatives in marketing.

o Gamification initiatives for fitness.

o Gamification initiatives for technological excellence.

o Gamification initiatives for education.

o Gamification initiatives in training and development.


? Next interesting questions

o Can gamification be used for mental problems like depression?

o Can gamification be used for changing anti-social behaviors?

o Can gamification be used for changing group behavior effectively?

3. Conclusion

o Potential of gamification in effective engagement.

o Alignment of gamification with organizational strategies.

o Gamification an effective engagement strategy.

Part 4. The paper itself. Using your outline fill in the details for each heading and subheading to create a coherent paper that describes the neuroscience in the news issue and gives sufficient detail so a reader can understand the relevance, how it is situated in the literature and why it is interesting. Use APA format when providing citations but DO NOT QUOTE DIRECTLY. The entire paper must be in your own words. Make sure you cite all sources appropriately.

Pay attention on these questions; make sure the final paper include these answers!

Where is the objective or main these of the paper?

The main theses should be addressed in the conclusion.

what brain regions support the cognitive functions mentioned?

what methods, such as imaging, can be used to srudy these regions?

neuroscience methods should be part of the paper

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