Psych2080_Assignment 5ETHICAL ISSUES IN TESTING: A CASE STUDY ANALYSISINTRODUCTION: Both test development and test administration involve being aware of andadhering to ethical guidelines. The American Psychological Association has a set of ethicalprinciples concerning all aspects of psychological practice, including testing. These ethicalprinciples are designed to protect the dignity and privacy of individuals being tested, and to assurethe public of the competence and professionalism of test developers and administrators. In thisassignment, you will read three different case studies. Each of these presents a situation in whichone or more ethical issues are involved. Your task will be to identify the issues involved and howethical principles were violated, and to suggest ways that the problems might be ethically resolved.PROCEDUREStep 1. Read background information. Before beginning this assignment, please become familiarwith the chapter on ethics in your textbook and the lecture notes.Step 2. Read each case study and analyze it by noting specific ethical issues involved in the studywith citations of the principles involved.Step 3. Discover the ethical violation(s). Create a list of what occurred in the case that caused theadministrators to incur ethical violations.Step 4. Suggest possible solutions. Create, in writing, an alternate scenario that would resolve theethical problems in this testing situation. Be specific.Step 5. Report results. Provide a report for each study that includes:a. the specific ethical issues involved with citation of the principle or standard relevant to the case.b. the actions in the case that caused the violation.c. the proposed resolution.There should be 3 separate reportsStep 6. Answer the following question: Which ethical case study was the easiest to problem solve?Hardest? Why?CASE STUDY #1The administrator of a long-term care facility is interested in the sleep behaviors of its residents.The administrator holds a staff meeting and informs the nurses and nursing assistants that they arerequired, in addition to their other shift duties, to administer a “Sleep Survey” to the residents. Tobest accomplish this, the staff is told to wake up residents early in the morning. This is done tooptimize residents’ immediate recall of the duration and depth of their sleep. Not seeing any wayout of this assigned duty, the staff decides to administer the survey the next morning to allresidents. Due to the fact that the staff is far fewer in number than the residents and has other dutiesto perform before the end of their shift, they decide that the residents need to be awoken beginningat 4 a.m. in order to get it done. The residents, who are mostly groggy and disoriented, dutifullyanswer the questions posed in order to get back to sleep as quickly as possible.CASE STUDY #2A School Psychologist is called into an elementary school to assess the intellectual abilities of amale fifth grader whose grades have slipped from an A average to a B average. Although nervousabout being tested, the child is put at ease by the School Psychologist. The resulting scores from abattery of newly-developed, radically-different intellectual ability tests (developed by this sameSchool Psychologist) indicate that the child needs to be removed from the classes he currently takeswith classmates and sent to remedial classes. The School Psychologist informs the child’s teacher,the principal, and the parents of the child’s scores. The School Psychologist emphasizes that onlyby following the recommendation can the child hoped to be helped.CASE STUDY #3The Human Resources Manager of a large corporation is conducting testing of the employees forthe purpose of deciding on promotions. Divisions of the company are given different test batteriesas related to their differing areas of expertise. Knowing that there is a greater number of olderadults in the Sales Division, the HR Manager wants to avoid a potential class action agediscrimination suit against the company, and also wants to avoid offending a lot of the salespeoplewho are close friends. Accordingly, the Manager gives this division unlimited testing time, evenencouraging the salespeople to take the test home if needed. Only the Sales Division was paid fortheir time when taking the test, while the other divisions were not. The Manager limits the otherdivisions (Manufacturing, Product Development, and Product Distribution) to the published timelimits associated with their respective tests and to completing them on-site. The Sales Divisionreceived five bonus points for “seniority status” when final promotion test scores were tallied.

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