psych homework

1. Provide an example of the fundamental attribution error.

2. Describe how dissonance theory could explain your post-choice thinking regarding the purchase of a new car over a used one.

3. Choose an attitude of your own that has changed. Analyze the reasons for this change using the theories from your textbook.

4. Describe what was done and what was found in Asch’s (1955) conformity study.

5. Describe three of the variations done on Milgram’s original obedience experiment. Be sure to discuss how the results varied as a function of these changes.

6. Group size, unanimity, cohesion, status, public response, and prior commitment are all factors that influence people’s conformity. Explain each.

7. Define and provide examples of both normative influence and informational influence.

8. Define both central and peripheral routes to processing. Provide an example of each, and suggest when each is most appropriate.

9. Explain attitude inoculation and how it affects persuasive appeals.

10. List and describe each of the symptoms of Groupthink.

11. Describe the ways to prevent Groupthink.

12. How are discrimination and the self-fulfilling prophecy concept related?

13. Define and provide examples of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination.

14. Define both hostile and instrumental aggression. Based on your own experiences, give an example of hostile aggression and an example of instrumental aggression.

15. Based on Myers’ discussion of the social sources of prejudice, explain at least two ways to reduce prejudice in America.

16. Compare and contrast the three theories of helping: social exchange, social norms, and the evolutionary theory.

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