Psyc 101 assignment

There are two parts to this forum, based on the “Your Child’s Brain” Article and “The Adolescent Brain: A Work in Progress” article.

NOTE: ALL answers must be put into your own words, language, voice, sentence structure etc….if you take words, language, voice etc…from the article this does not show me you understand what they are saying. Do not use quotes, either: read the information carefully, think about the meaning, and answer in your own voice.

Part 1: Your Child’s Brain Article (at least 300 words)

1. In 3 to 5 sentences, explain, in your own words, what the “Your Child’s Brain” article was about.

2. In your own words, explain what a critical period us; explain the kitten study and how it explains this concept.

Part 2: The Adolescent Brain: A Work in Progress” article (at least 300 words)

1. Give a 3 to 5 sentence summary of each section of the article:

  • Section I. Changes in the cellular architecture of the brain in adolescence
  • Section II. Changes in the adolescent brain revealed through new neuroimaging techniques
  • Section III. Behavioral evidence of a brain still developing

2. What is your reaction reaction to this document? What do you think was most important that you took away from reading it?

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