PSY 103 Child DevelopmentsFocus1. influence a childâ??s development?Is child development

PSY 103 Child DevelopmentsFocus1. influence a child’s development?Is child development a social construction?Is development active or reactive?Is development continuous or discontinuous?Does the timing and circumstances of parent’s hood influences a childdevelopment?6. Is prenatal development life’s greatest miracles?7. What to choose- fetal welfare or mother’s right?8. What influence an infant’s physical development?9. Are 2’s really terrible?10.Should infants be allowed to cry to learn self regulation?11.How has brain research influenced knowledge of development ofcognitive skills?Introduction to education EDU 120Reflection1. Good teacher are born not made?2. John Dewey: We do not learn from experiences, we learn fromreflecting on those experiences.3. Understanding yourself and your motives is crucial to good decisionmaking.4. School are human inventions†p.515. Are schools responsible for curing society’s social problems?6. What should be taught in schools and in what priorities?7. We are all teachers and learners at the same time†Oprah WinfreyB. Teaching is it art or is it science?8. Technology is just a tool. It is the teacher who is most important.9. The technology is not the lesson; it is there to enhance the lesson.10. For in very adult there dwells the child that was, and in every childthere lies the adult that will be? John Connolly- Author.

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