provide quality work for it to be helpful This paper is a response…

Question Answered step-by-step provide quality work for it to be helpful This paper is a response… provide quality work for it to be helpfulThis paper is a response to the challenges laid down by Hannah Cooke in a paper in the Journal of Advanced Nursing entitled ‘Boundary work in the nursing curriculum the case of sociology’ (Cooke 1993a) In her paper, Cooke noted that the outlook of nursing and sociology are inimicable because nursing’s concentration on individuals is at variance with sociology’s concern with wider social issues We argue that it is possible for nursing research to give due attention to social structures without losing its focus on individuals One methodology that could facilitate this broadening of nursing’s epistemological boundaries is critical realist ethnography, which works under the assumption that the relationship between social structures and individual actors involves a two-way process, in that while the enablements and constraints imposed by structures influence individual actions, those actions in turn either maintain or transform social structures To demonstrate how such a methodology could be applied in nursing research, we work through a case study concerning the theory-practice gap, arguing that the gap is neither the result of clinicians’ ignorance of nor antipathy to theory, but is largely generated by the lack of resources enjoyed by nurses, which in turn is a reflection of the social structure of capitalism within which nurses operate83140Question 1What investigations are necessary to exclude secondary polycythaemia?Question 2What is the management plan in a patient with secondary polycythaemiapresenting with transient ischaemic attacks (TIA)?Question 3Why do patients with polycythaemia vera have a tendency to bleed, eventhough 50% of them have an elevated platelet count?Question 4In hyposplenic patients, what precautions are necessary for patients whointend to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Haj?Question 5What is the mechanism of development of splenomegaly in chronicleukaemia?Question 6In idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), thrombocytes are mainlydestroyed in the spleen owing to an immune mechanism. Why, therefore,is there no splenic enlargement as there is with other diseases?Question 7Where exactly is the Traub’s space? How exact is the percussion of theTraub’s space as a sign indicating the size of the spleen?Question 8Can you please tell me the indications and complications of bloodtransfusion.Question 9Several times I have read the phrase ‘white blood cells elevated with aleft shift’. I am wondering what ‘left shift’ or ‘left deviation’ stands for.Question 10What is the clear definition of ‘bleeding time’ and ‘clotting time’? Andwhat are the applied differences between them? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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