Provide a summary of the article which clearly identifies the nature of the misconduct credible Canadian print and electronic media

Students are to research a credible Canadian print and electronic media, such as The Toronto Star, The Toronto sun, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Mississauga News, Brampton Guardian, Oakville Beaver, CP24news media for a relevant article relating to some type of ethical issue and/or misconduct by a police officer or police service policies or service provided.

You will select one article. The article can come from those posted on SLATE or if you decide to select your own it cannot be more than one year old and must be a Canadian story. You may locate your article in either hard copy or electronic format but you will be required to source this article in APA format in your written submission. The article may focus on issues such as diversity, values and ethics. The article should involve how officers have committed misconduct either on or off duty resulting in the officer being charged criminally or under the Ontario Police Services Act. It could also be an article relating to how police officers and or police services interact with vulnerable individuals / groups (senior adults, special needs individuals, or people suffering a mental health crisis, the LGBTT2TIQQ communities, refugees and or immigrants, First Nations, Inuit and Metis people, etc).

Once you have selected an article, you are to write a report that:

1 ? Provide a summary of the article which clearly identifies the nature of the misconduct.

2 – Analyze this article from the perspective of two ethics theories. Preferably the two listed below, but if another theory is of interest please feel free to incorporate that instead of one of these.

  • Teleological – Enlightened Self-interest (end or consequences)
  • Deontological – Kantian Ethics (duty to principles)

For example: discuss the duty imposed on police to provide services ethically as per enlightened self-interest versus what may have been distorted (within these newspaper articles) regarding the officer?s justifying their actions in these given circumstances.

3 ? Professionalism, format, spelling and grammar are essential elements.

4 – APA format for in-text citations and reference page.


The final submission will total approximately 4 – 6 pages (12 pt. font, times new roman, double spaced, not including a cover page or the reference page). You must identify the source of the article, APA format required, including proper references from all sources used in your paper. Please consult the APA guide and APA PowerPoint provided on SLATE under resources for assistance.

The rubric for this assignment is provided below.

Good luck.

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