Project Stock

This assignment will allow you to apply the material we are covering in the chapters to a practical application. You will learn about stock valuation and where to find and interpret information about a company?s stock which you are interested. You will analyze this stock and ultimately recommend how an investor should approach this stock.

Upon completion of this paper, you will demonstrate your ability to:

  • Research a company online
  • Determine the financial health of a company

If you have any questions as you are developing this paper, please post them in the Questions and Answers area in Module 5.

Questions and Problems:

After you have completed the readings for chapters 7 & 8, you should be ready to complete this assignment.

You should include all support work for your calculations since you may be able to earn partial credit for your work even if answer is not correct. Answer all questions and problems as completely as possible.

To receive full credit:

Go online and research a company that is publicly traded on the US stock exchanges (NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE). Find the ticker symbol, describe the industry and business the company is in, find the 10k statement and focus on the financial statements found there.

Determine the three ratios which best help you determine the financial health of this company. Do a trend analysis for the most recent three years and then summarize your findings along with a recommendation and rationale for buying, selling or holding this stock as an investment.

Suggested length of paper 2-3 pages.

Review the SBT Essay Rubric located in the “Start Here” section of the course for more information on grading criteria.

If you have any questions as you are working on this assignment, please post them in the ?Questions and Answers? area in Module 5.

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