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  • Baltzan, P., and Phillips, A. (2015). Business Driven Information Systems (5th ed).
  • Week 5 articles and videos
  • It is recommended students search the Internet for a Project Risk Management Plan template.

Scenario: You are an entrepreneur
in the process of researching a business development idea. As you create
a high-level Information Technology (IT) strategy for your new
enterprise, it is important to address risks to IT. A Project Risk
Management Plan will guide the process of identifying enterprise risks
and the appropriate steps to mitigate and manage the risks. The Data
Collection Plan is intended to describe a high-level process for
applying enterprise resources in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating
IT risks. The Risk Management Plan is a working document, which is
expected to change over time as new project details emerge.

Create a high-level
Project Risk Management Plan for your project in a minimum of
1,050 words which includes the following information:

  • A description of the enterprise IT risks
  • An assessment of the enterprise exposure to each risk
  • A summary of the highest priority risks
  • High-level procedures to mitigate and manage the most likely risks
  • High-level procedures to address business resumption and disaster recovery

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references from the University of Phoenix Library.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

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