Project Resources Time Costs and Planning

Option #2: No Bottom-up Estimate, No Job

The purpose of this assignment is to help you to understand the project management task of scheduling resources.

Read the case study ?No Bottom-up Estimate, No Job? on pp. 155-157 of your textbook, Case Studies in Project, Program, and Organizational Project Management (attached). Then answer the two discussion questions that follow the case, applying current, relevant theory. Additionally, develop and include a high-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) incorporating at least one external dependency and a bottom-up estimate for the creation of a simple software application. Defend the basis for your estimate.

Your responses to the questions and bottom-up estimate explanation should meet the following requirements:

  • Your complete response should be 5-6 pages long.
  • Format your paper per the APA Guidelines
  • Cite at least three current scholarly resources, to support your assertions. One of the sources may be your textbook.
  • Note: The scholarly articles should be recent, the professor does not accept references older than 3 years.

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