Project description There are multiple leadership styles available to nurses. When we look at an app

Project description
There are multiple leadership styles available to nurses. When we look at an appropriate leadership style, one must take into consideration personal style, the situation being addressed, environment in which the situation is taking place, and any other persons involved. With this in mind, identify three leadership styles that could apply to the problem you identified in the previous unit. After you have identified these, complete the following tasks: The problem is attitude

1. Describe major tenets of leadership styles. Your description should consist of three to five sentences and include the main characteristics of each leadership style. Also in your description, be sure to describe why you chose the leadership styles over others.

2. Explain how leadership styles relate to a nursing leadership problem. Now that you have described the major tenets of each leadership style, you should be able to explain how each leadership style can relate to your identified problem.

3. Offer a positive and a negative to using each leadership style. In addition to relating the leadership style to the nursing leadership problem, recognize that the leadership style could have negative aspects. Conversely, the leadership styles can also have positive implications. Offer at least one negative aspect and one positive implication.

Written Requirements

Length: At least three double-spaced pages, excluding the cover page and references list. Include page numbers, headings, and running header.

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