Problem 5. Safety First

Problem 5. Safety First

Discrimina, Inc. recently received a number of
correction orders from OSHA. The local Fire Marshall has also warned
them that the welding area does not comply with the fire codes. In
particular, the stairwell is not up to OSHA or state fire codes. It is
an open stairs in the office annex next to the shop. The owner contends
that it is not a problem, since it is not even in the same building
where welding occurs, but the inspectors all say it is not up to code.
Both OSHA and the fire inspector want an entirely new enclosed stairway
to be built. They also want a completely fireproof wall between the shop
and the office annex. The CEO has heard negative things about OSHA and
doubts he needs to follow their recommendations.


Draft a memo to the CEO explaining that OSHA compliance saves lives. Use examples from the OSHA website. Check out OSHA Saves Lives within the site to illustrate your point.

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