Pressure injuries are significant health issues and one of the biggest challenges that organizations face on a daily basis, writing homework help

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Pressure injuries are significant health issues and one of the biggest challenges that organizations face on a daily basis. Aside from the high cost of treatment, pressure injuries also have a great impact on patients? lives and on the provider?s ability to render appropriate care to patients. Preventing pressure injuries has always been a challenge, not just for caregivers, but also for the health care industry as a whole. Most simple method to prevent pressure ulcer is a frequent patient turning. Repositioning involves moving the person into a different position to remove or redistribute pressure from a particular part of the body. But, maintaining high compliance with prescribed turning protocols has historically been difficult to achieve.

The Leaf Patient Monitoring System with strict protocol to reposition every 2hr high risk patients will definitely help to control this issue. ?The Leaf Patient Monitoring System is an easy-to-use, highly integrated tracking system that supports real-time updates of patient?s position, activity and turn requirements. Hospitals utilizing the Leaf Patient Monitoring System have been able to provide an advanced level of patient care and have experienced a high return on their investment.? (Frost & Sullivan, 2016) Author and her Mentor discussed during morning and evening shifts huddles problem of pressure ulcer and importance of strict adherence with repositioning every 2hr to all patients with impair skin integrity who are at risk of development of pressure ulcer. We personally educate many floor nurses and patient care assistance and during education session we received their positive attitude towards this practice. Author and her mentor observed increased repositioning compliance rate among floor staff after these educational sessions.

?Mobilizing and repositioning bedbound and chair-bound patients is just part of the care to prevent the development of pressure ulcers, and each patient will present different needs. Other factors, such as the patient?s nutrition, medical condition, skin condition, and tissue tolerance will also impact the treatment objective and patient outcome. Taking into account the whole picture will help yield better results.? (Shield Health Care, 2015)

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