PPTX and presentation draft

After viewing the video on Holbeins “Ambassadors” and conducting further research on the 4 artists provided in the Week 3 Digital Art PPTX, create a short video blog on your reaction. All artists are easily found on the internet and you can explore much more of their work. Note: you will likely have to post your vblog on Youtube or some similar place where the instructor can see it. Reflect on these questions to start:

  • What do you think Holbein was trying to achieve with the anamorphic feature of the portrait? Research this question further on the internet.
  • Do the artists including Rauschenberg, Griesbach, Holzer and Gonzalez-Day create an experience of changing “anamorphic” art in some way?
  • Can you imagine some common thread between an artist in 1500’s and contemporary artists?
  • Your general, thoughtful analysis of of the art…use the visual concepts and words from your first digital art project.

8 slices PPT and one page presentation draft

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