Post five tentative thesis statements, English homework help

You are initially just responding to the italic sized question 1 threw 4, I just broke it down so you can better understand.

I have attached a file with my topic I am writing about and that will be what you base these thesis statements off. The assignment is as follows:

1. Post five tentative thesis statements.

2. Identify ONE thesis statement that you believe is the most workable for your prospective research paper and tell WHY you think so.

(Below is the other student?s thesis statements you will respond too)

3. Analyze all five thesis statements posted below, answering the following questions: Does this thesis statement meet the necessary criteria for the topic, addressing WHY, WHO, and HOW? If not, what is missing?

4. Evaluate the other writer’s selection of his or her “best” thesis statement. Do you agree with him or her? Why or why not?

1. When angels of death perform mercy killings is it an injustice to the victim’s/patient’s family;or has he done a service to the patient by ending their pain.

2. When an angel of death is identified, whether before or after their first mercy killing, should action be taken against them if the killing was truly done at the request of the patient. Some Angels of death have a hidden agenda and chose who will be euthanised instead of being asked to spare a patient from agony and pain.

3. Mercy killings from the viewpoint of the surrounding staff that had daily interaction with the patient and the angel of death can tell a lot. Did anyone notice any signs from either the staff member? Where any other staff members asked by the patient to end their life?

4. Are mercy killings a pact? And if so, is it a pact that was created under pressure. Was the patient persuaded that death would be a better option than living.

5. Mercy killings happen for many reasons. But the question still remains why does it happen. What makes a staff member believe that it is “okay” to take another’s life based on their own feelings or at the request for the patient. Since mercy killings are illegal how should an angel of death be punished. And should the punishment vary based on the merit of the staff member?

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