Positive and Negative Conceptions Regarding Personal Appearance write an essay composed of four-five

Positive and Negative Conceptions Regarding Personal Appearance write an essay composed of four-five paragraphs (at least 2 1/2 pages). Mention at least one of the following essays including at least two cited quotes or paraphrases: Staples, Gates, Kirby. Your one or more examples need to focus on at least one person using concrete, specific details, including at least one personal quote and the five W’s: who/what/where/when/why/how. Always tie back to your thesis statement and respond to every quote, whether personal or cited. Also include a citation page.

3pgs refs and cite Answer preview………… Over the past years, the advancing technology has introduced various changes to the personal appearance of many individuals which has formed negative and positive conceptions towards appearances in the society. Personal appearance gets attributed to the image portrayed by the physical self and forms part of the presentation and communication skills. The society has its rules, norms, and standards that shape individuals in many ways from their interaction with their personal development to how others perceive their appearance. People often make conscious or subconscious assumptions based on how they see the personal appearance of an individual. Humans are social beings and it’s only logical that the society perceive an individual through the physiological and psychological interaction that affects them directly and indirectly. Personal appearance involves the first impression that remains significant regarding attitude and dressing. The society is fast to judge people based on what they can visualize with the facial expressions, body language, grooming, and dressing………

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