Political Views of States Rights, political science homework help

  • Check out the platform, issues or about the party sections of the following political party websites (the 2 major political parties and one third party):
    1. https://www.democrats.org/
    2. https://www.gop.com/
    3. https://www.lp.org/
  • Choose 3 of the same topics to analyze across all 3 party platforms (for example: Health Care, the Economy, the Environment, etc?).
  • Compare and contrast the view of each party for each issue.
  • After completing your Compare/Contrast chart, write a 800 – 1000 word summary of how these 3 political parties view states? rights.

Your assignment submission (which can be in one document) should include the following:

  1. A clear definition of states? rights based upon our text and your own understanding.
  2. A chart summarizing the information from your research on states rights.
  3. Your summary of each party?s views on states? rights and how they are different or similar.

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