Policy Position Paper Polished Draft

Requirements of the Position Statement:

  • Each paper draft should be at least 2500 words (about 9 standard double-spaced pages, plus additional pages for title and references.
  • Use section headings as instructed, to include: Introduction, Background, Data and Research that Informs the Policy Position, Challenges Presented in the Research and How to Address Them, and Conclusion. You should also consider using sub-headers for each of arguments in order to more clearly separate and identify them.
  • Clearly state your position on an issue in a concise manner in an introductory paragraph. Identify the audience for whom the position statement will be useful.
  • Describe the background of the issue that constitutes the rationale for the topic being labeled as an issue. This section must include contemporary and historical information, relevant data and appropriate citations. Remember this is NOT an opinion paper. Therefore the background should include: -Terminology related to your issue -Legitimate research done on your issue in the form of internal documentation -Descriptions of the impact this data has on your issue.
  • When presenting your argument, discuss both sides of the issue and clearly state the position you are supporting. Identity and include defensible documentation supporting your position (such as: standards, codes, regulations, policy, criteria, and research findings).
  • Bring the paper to a logical conclusion by summarizing the essence of the argument and then conclude by restating your thesis or position in similar words used in the introduction to your position.
  • Apply principles of good composition, including appropriate sentence structure, grammar and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your writing. Strict APA Format standards will be applied to the grading of your paper so pay close attention to citations within the text and in the list of work cited. These standards also apply to the draft.

~~~~~ I have attached the grading rubric for the paper. My topic is Lesbian Health Disparity in the United States. APA format, Times New Roman, size 12 font, double-spaced, about 9 pages (or 2500 words). This is just a draft but it will be graded along with the final draft after.

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