Poetry collection Draftd (3 poems)

Poetry Assignment: Poetry Collection

Poetry Collection Draft

Taking into consideration the different poetic examples in the reading assignments, you will explore the process of drafting and revising a short collection of poems. Please compose three poems. The first poem will be based off of one of the styles found in Chapter 28 in Three Genres. The second poem will focus on making a list of ten images you have seen in the last 24 hours. From this list, you will develop a poem that incorporates them in some way. The third poem focuses on free verse style (see Chapter 34 in Three Genres.)

There are no length requirements for these pieces aside from the examples set in the readings. Pay particular attention to both content and structure. In poetry, the balance between these two represents the foundation of the creative process. Choose the best words for what you want to convey ? don?t settle.

Poems in this assignment should focus on maintaining the balance of content and structure, word choice, line breaks, rhyme, and meter. The secondary focus should be the ordering of the three pieces and the presentation as a collection. Consider how these poems work together even if they seem to be striving towards doing different things.

The three poems have no specific required length, but should be substantial for the intended purpose.

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