Please write the answer according to the information in the attachment To be successful in this assi

Please write the answer according to the information in the attachment

To be successful in this assignment, there must be reference to Information Technology for management. Improving Strategic and operational Performance by Turban and Volonino’

A particular reference is made to page 19 of this text. Please bear in mind the various sections that we have to break the assignment down to so that the answers can reflect this pattern.

the assignment is also in three parts and there will be a flow in the three assignments. hence, the same person will better do it all. We will be doing this in stages.


Fanny Document Preview:

Hi Team,
Just a few hints as to my preferences for this assignment
I am more interested in quality than quantity. No-one get penalized for less that 2500 words if they are ‘good’ words
I like the use of illustrations and tables to bring points clearly to the fore
Keep descriptions clear and concise and highlight ‘YOUR’ experiences and reasons for your stance an a point
Take time to understand ‘cross-functional’ as it refers to business processes and think carefully HOW to present a process
Remember we are focusing on IT strategy in this course and non-IT folks will not be disadvantaged. I am particularly interested in IT from a BUSINESS perspective
Assignment #1: IT’s Strategic and Operational Support in Your Business
My Business is Project Management Consultancy
Please tailor answer to this Business market and I will rephrase adaptation.

Assignment #1 is worth 20% of your final grade. (All assignments are weighted equally.)
At the highest level, information technology and information systems support two important organizational elements—strategy and operations. In this assignment, you will begin an examination of IT in your organization by focusing on how well IT supports these two basic elements. Ultimately, in Assignment #3, you will make recommendations that link back to the content of this assignment.
Before beginning your work, review all three assignments and decide on the appropriate business unit to consider. For those of you who work in smaller organizations, you can take on an evaluation of IT for the entire company. For those of you in large organizations, consider narrowing your scope to a specific business unit; Assignment 2, especially, can be challenging if you do not narrow appropriately. If you have any questions, discuss this with your coach before beginning your work.
For this assignment, begin by briefly describing your business including: sector or industry; scope; mission; products or…


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