Please view the following clip:

Please view the following clip:… then read the following article:

Note: GM Powertrain is a unionized facility who votes for their union officers of which some of the
union officers get paid $50,000 to $100,000

Now answer the following questions:

1. Define the problem that GM Powertrain and Philly is experiencing as it relates to diversity and

2. If the employees with power (the ability to influence due to either large numbers or protection
by the union) are doing the harassing and they vote for union members—who will the union
protect and why? Will they protect the harassed employees or those doing the harassing, why?

3. What does this scenario have to do with the following statements: Having a “certain” identity
that society values can provide you power. Belonging to a group with power can provide you
protection in the workplace.

4. Now read the following:…
Based upon this reading, state three things that GM Powertrain and Philly should have done and
three things they should not do as the scenario plays out.

5. Do you think that diversity training of the employees would help with these scenarios, why or
why not?

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