Please understand the requirements and do you best.

1- What is ISO, and why is it important to a systems developer?

2-Background Precision Consulting has helped many clients plan, design, and implement e-commerce solutions. As a newly hired systems analyst, you will be expected to work with other team members on e-commerce projects. You realize that have a lot to learn, and you decide to learn as much as you can about the e-commerce issues and solutions.


  • Some IT professionals predict that traditional brick and mortar companies will greatly expand their Internet marketing efforts, making it even harder for new online firms to compete. Perform research to find out more about the topic and describe the results.

3-Nothing But Net is an IT consulting firm that specializes in network architectural design. As a newly hired systems analyst, you have been asked to explain the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of networking concepts. Your answers will be incorporated into a FAQ section of the new marketing brochure.


  • Will mobile devices replace desktop system units and traditional laptop computers? How would networks have to change if that were to happen?

4-Sydney?s Logistics is a growing business that specializes in providing business services that many small firms do not have the expertise, the space or the resources to handle on their own. These services include warehouse receiving and storage, intermodal systems, and ISO-certified packaging, among others. Sydney?s recently redesigned its computer system to reduce costs and achieve faster, more accurate information about its operations. At this point, the new system is ready for implementation. Two systems analysts will plan a modular design, and several and several programmers will code the modules.


  • As a systems analyst on this project, how would you describe your primary responsibilities, and how could you contribute to the quality of the finished product?

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