Please read specific instructions as only certain parts need to be completed.

**This assignment seems like a lot because I am providing my instructors feedback and that is part one which is just a revision of the assignment I submitted. I am even attaching the assignment I submitted so you only have to add on to it for the revision feedback! There is also a part two. For part one all you have to do is open the document attached and add revisions in RED! Please do not forget part 2!

*Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Weeks 1?4):

  • First, revise your Week 4 Key Assignment draft based on your own review and reflection, instructor feedback, and peer responses. PLEASE PROVIDED UPDATES IN RED.
  • This is my instructors feedback from part one that is attached
  • You are still providing theories, good ideas. Unit 4 IP is asking for an actual ACTION PLAN. You did provide a few test ideas but not an actual proposal. . Opportunities for improvement: You were to identify a public policy and provide an ACTION PROPOSAL as to how to fix it. You provided two ideas to combat juvenile delinquency. This is too broad. An actual policy identifies the problem and creates practical and real solutions. You mention Bootcamps but acknowledge they can be more harmful then helpful. You then suggest researchers figure out how to make them less harmful. That is what you are being asked to do. We need you to design the bootcamp in a way that would make sense to extend students time there. Also what is the cost of extending these programs. Providing step by step real methodology to get the proposal in place. The After-School program idea is good but where are you going to get the funding. These programs are not available for the exact kids that need them due to cost. Theory and Ideology was requested in Unit 1 now it is time for action. Now we want actual real proposal to solve the problem. Ask yourself; Who is hired, how much does it cost, exactly what is the daily agenda for the appointees? Who are the stakeholders when you state “we”? We are not asking what should or could happen but what you are directing to happen in each solution. The criteria for judging the success must be specific to the two solutions you provide. The criteria must be measurable and specific. Then for each option, that you give the Board of Legislatures, you must discuss the projective outcomes of each solution. Here student provides the pros to each solution. The trade offs examine the cons to each solution comparatively and finally give us a suggestion as to which of the two proposed solutions you recommend. . Additional Comments: For Unit 5 IP please provide the above edits and include ACTUAL STEPS, TIMELINE, COST, ETC FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUR FINAL SUGGESTED SOLUTION see Unit 5 IP assignment details. High OV for full credit OV score must be in the green. Consider rewording your sources..
  • Part 2 Tasks (Objective(s) from Week 5):
    • Add 2?3 additional pages of content to your final Key Assignment by selecting 1 of the 2 initiatives you recommended in Week 4 and addressing the following questions regarding the recommended policy:
      • What cost factors do you anticipate affecting implementation of the selected policy?
      • What strategy would you recommend to involve the media or other groups in an effort to inform the public and stakeholders about the new policy?
      • Articulate how research evidence played a significant role in your final policy recommendation.

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