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Management Team Assignment #3



You have been hired by CareUlta Medicare Advantage (Medicare advantage organization) as the Compliance Team from a Business Consulting Firm to write a corporate compliance plan. This is a publicly traded company.This company will soon be audited and must be able to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and an understanding of its internal risk assessment. Your compliance plan must show regulators and stakeholders that the company has a new vision and internal controls to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Focus your compliance plan on a combination of the following regulations: HIPPA compliance and internal risk assessment. Each management team must prepare a 7-10 page Compliance Plan.The plan should include at least 4-5 specific compliance standards (i.e.: conflict of interest prohibitions, whistleblower procedures, etc.) and whatever other categories your team believes are required to ensure compliance with the regulations. There should be a written standard for each team member to present. Since each team has 5 members you should have at least 5 standards; 5 members, then 5 standards. Also, include a vision statement, mission statement, and core values in the compliance report.

Seven Components of Compliance Standards

1. Written standards of conduct, policies & procedures

2. Designation of Compliance Officer & Committee

3. Regular compliance training programs

4. Open channels to receive questions & complaints

5. Ongoing audits and monitoring for effectiveness

6. Disciplinary action for violations & non-compliance

7. Investigation and corrective action for non-compliance

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