Please choose one of the following questions to answer: 1. Choose one of the effects of the Second..

Please choose one of the following questions to answer:

1.      Choose one of the effects of the Second Great Awakening and discuss.

2.  Why did women take such a prominent role in the reform movement?

3.  When and why did the South move from seeing slavery as a necessary evil to seeing it as a good thing?

4.  How effective were the abolitionists in achieving their goals during this time?



APA Format-250 Words- 3 References-Choose one of the questions only!


Choose one of the following and answer in detail.




1) How is Islam related to the other Abrahamic faiths such as Judaism and Christianity? How were Christianity and Judaism treated by Muslims in early Islamic society? Why do you think they fostered toleration while giving Muslims a greater sense of community?

2) How did Islam spread out of Mecca and Medina? How did the formation of the Caliphate create a strong Islamic state? Why do you think the split between Shi’ite and Sunni has endured to this day?

3) How was Muslim society organized? What limitations were placed on slavery? How were women treated in traditional Islamic society? Why do you think that role of women changed later in Islamic society?

4) Why was education valued in Islamic society? How did this emphasis on learning contribute to the advances in science and technology? How do you think these advances influenced intellectual development in Europe?

5) Why is Egypt considered to be a separate society from the rest of Africa? Why were the Bantu-speaking people able to become dominant in the Sudan? Why do you think they remained nomadic for so long instead of creating a more urban society?

6) Why was the trade across the Sahara so important to the development of Africa from the north through the Sudan? How did the Berbers gain dominance over the trade routes? How did this trade lead to the urbanization of the region? Why do you think Islam became the dominant religion transmitted along these routes?

7) How did Aksum differ from the kingdoms along the Trans-Saharan trade routes? What influence did Judaism and Christianity have on the development of this kingdom? Why do you think Islam never took root here when it became so popular in other parts of Africa?

8) Why did the East coast of Africa become the center of trade for so many outside groups? How did the integration of Arabian and African cultures lead to the development of the Swahili culture? Why do you think Arabic customs grew to dominance in this region?


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