Please answer the following questions for BMGT Decision Making

Activity #1: After reading the Wise Decision Maker, Chapter 11 of Smart Choices, what 3 insights would you offer to a person who was just promoted to a decision-making role in a firm? 


Chapter 11:  The Wise Decision Maker

Activity #2:  Explain how you will use 3 course tools in future workplace decisions based on our course materials and Learning Activities (LAs).

Over the past eight weeks, we have learned powerful tools to become a wise decision maker.  The PrOACT model has provided a systematic approach to:

The PrOACT model has provided us a systematic approach to:

  • Address the right decision problem (Pr).
  • Clarify the objectives (O) – considering needs of key stakeholders .
  • Develop a range of creative alternatives (A) – both creative and routine
  • Understand the consequences of each alternative.(C)
  • Make appropriate trade-offs among conflicting objectives (T) as we:
    • Create unweighted / weighted decision matrices or use even swap as decision aids
    • Deal sensibly with uncertainty.
    • Take account of your risk-taking attitude /preferences
    • Plan ahead for future linked decisions 

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