Planning and staffing week 2-2


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1. As the new HR generalist for Lyssna Audio, you are asked to implement a structured interview. Managers want to know if you think it will select future high performers. How do you show this using criterion validation.

Gatewood et al (2011) state that criterion validation is to be used to ?address the issue of ?test fairness? or the comparative performance of various groups on a particular test.? Validity is of special importance, as it refers to ?how accurately a selection system predicts performance on the job? (?Structured,? 1999). Validity directly relates to another term: reliability.

Reliability refers to ?how consistent results are over time and on a wide range of people? (?Structured,? 1999). Whereas unstructured interviews tend to allow interviewers the freedom to ask whatever questions (permissible by law) that they want, they don?t always involve more in-depth questions that might explain why candidates respond the way they do ? leaving employers essentially in the dark with respect to how these potential employees might perform (?Structured,? 1999). If a system is more structured, it is also more reliable; Two different people interviewing the same candidate(s) should ideally receive the same responses (?Structured,? 1999). While unstructured interviews explain only 14 percent of an employee?s performance, structured interviews give both the employer and candidate a better experience and are generally regarded as the most fair (Bock, 2015). Using criterion validation, it would be easy to determine the relative fairness of structured interviews (a set assortment of questions) as opposed to an unstructured interview, where the employer could essentially be all over the place with their inquiries.


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2. As the new HR generalist for Lyssna Audio, you are asked to implement a structured interview. Managers want to know if you think it will select future high performers. How do you show this using criterion validation?

If I was asked to implement a structured interview, I would inform the managers it would select future high performers. A criterion usually serves as a definition of what is meant by employee success on the job. Criteria are defined by thoroughly studying the jobs for which a selection system is being developed. A wide array of variables might serve as criteria. Some criteria deal with issues such as absenteeism, turnover, and other organizational citizenship behaviors. Other criteria represent work related outcomes including error rates, number of good produced, dollar sales, amount of scrap produced in manufacturing tasks, and speed of performance (Gatewood, Field, Barrick, 2011). By using these criterion, managers can find the best employees who will increase work productivity and increase internal working relationships. Using the correct criterion will enable managers to identify what is important to the organization and address the needs of the organization by finding/hiring the best applicant.

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