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   Effective Communication Presentation

A medium-sized tech company has suffered from lower demand and higher labor costs, therefore, the company’s profit margin has shrunk and the leader of the company has made a difficult decision to reduce employee benefits, including freezing 401k match and profit sharing. As an HR manager of the organization, please develop an effective communication presentation to address the reduced benefits and their impact on the employee.   

PowerPoint presentation must include 12-14  slides (not including the title and reference slides) and audio.

Please include 5 credible source. Also  incorporate sources below  into  assignment as cited references.

· Bedoya, E. (2021). Leadership influence on the relationship between communication satisfaction and job satisfaction in computer-mediated communication environmentsLinks to an external site.. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research, 15(2).


· Pološki Vokić, N., Rimac Bilušić, M., & Najjar, D. (2021). Building organizational trust through internal communicationLinks to an external site.. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 26(1), 70–83.

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