picture to analyze; this analysis.


1. picture to analyze; this analysis.

2. A title page is unnecessary.

3. There are at least 550 words.


In Part I, you should tell me what you learn about the specific era or event from the picture. If it is a picture from World War II, for example, you should find at least FOUR good observations to make about the World War II era based on the picture. Please keep that last part in mind. If your entire discussion is simply a list of facts that you know about World War II, and has little or nothing to do with analyzing the specific content of the picture, you will not do well. Also, do make sure you explain your idea AND what it was in the picture that led you to that idea. If you don’t do both things for each of your four observations, you won’t be successful!

In Part II, you should connect the image with the “big picture” of American history, and you should do this in two ways. First, I want you to illustrate one thing that HAS NOT changed about America/Americans over time (at least 50 years, can be more). Then, I want you to illustrate that HAS changed about America/Americans over time (again, at least 50 years, can be more) You should support EACH of these “big picture” analyses with at least four supporting examples (in addition to your chosen image) drawn from four different time periods. For example, you might choose something from the 1870s, and something from the 1910s, and something from the 1960s, and something from the 1980s. Note that if ALL of your supporting examples are from the same basic time period (say, the Great Depression), you’re not doing things correctly. Your supporting examples can include songs, photographs, advertisements, notable people, quotations, statistics, etc.

As you work to do these two things for your chosen picture, I encourage you to pay attention to details. Sometimes small details are the most important ones. You should also make certain to be thoughtful and creative. There really isn’t such a thing as a wrong answer. If the picture puts an idea into your head, go with it. Just explain what it is about the picture that gave you that idea.

Picture 1: This is a 1900 cover from JudgeMagazine. They hated William Jennings Bryan. Click hereto view the picture.

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