Philosophy Moral Issue Project Step 2 Child Abuse

Only for Step 2…..

In no more than one page, provide the following overview of the final project Child Abuse (the topic proposal is the attached file about the Child Abuse is uploaded, it is step 1 and stop 2 should be bases on the uploaded material)

1. State the position you will support.

2. Sketch the relevant background for the issue.

3. Sketch the argument you will make in the paper supporting your position. Mention authors/ideas/theories we have explored in this course which you will use in the final composition.

4. Give at least one objection that an opponent to your position may offer.

5. Briefly, how will you respond to your opponent?

Take the one page limit seriously.  So you won’t be developing any of this material in detail.  This is merely an outline or scaffolding for the final project.


Future assigment….

(((Step 3 of this project (I will post it extra and later this week), will be bases on this step about Child abuse a 4-6 -page (12 Font) analytical paper on a moral issue that you isolate and develop.)))

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