phi103 week 1 discussion 1 RESPONSE m.l.

Read the arguments presented by your classmate, and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. Whether you agree with their position or not, see if you can help them to improve their arguments. In particular, point out any respect in which a reasonable person might disagree with the truth of their premises or with the strength of their reasoning. Consider addressing the following questions: Did your classmate present a convincing argument? Why, or why not? Which part of the argument might someone dispute (e.g., premise, conclusion, structure, etc.)? How might the argument be strengthened? 5 sentences or more.

Topic: Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?

Argument 1

Premise 1: Social media’s innovations allow us to reach people all across the world instantly.

Premise 2: This increases the amount of communication between individuals.

Conclusion: Therefore, social media enhances interpersonal communication.

The strength of this argument is it’s relationship to innovation and advancement, making the change in communication due to social media seem like a societal enhancement. It’s weakness is the stern belief of some individuals that digital communication is “not real” communication.

Argument 2

Premise 1: Social media allows you to communicate without leaving your home.

Premise 2: People are communicating more online, due to convenience, and less in person.

Conclusion: Therefore, social media hinders interpersonal communication.

This argument’s strength is in it’s correlation between increasing social media use and decreasing levels of face to face communication. However, this argument relies on the assumption that communication is only “real” if it’s in person. Both arguments presented above have strengths and weaknesses, however, an individuals biases will surely play into which argument they find most accurate. Therefore, they are both valid arguments.

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