phi103 intro RESPONSE s.b.

In your response, you should aim to keep the discussion going by examining the views presented. Avoid the temptation of simply agreeing and praising others. Instead, offer an alternative view, or point to what may not have been considered. Attempt to keep the discussion going by examining others? ideas about how to think and by examining the struggles that we all have in harnessing our minds and responding to our realities in a positive manner. 5 sentences or more.

Week 1- Introduction

Hello class! My name is Shannon Baarstad and I am from the sunny land of California. My major is Early Childhood Education & Administration. I have a huge passion for kids and music. I enrolled in Ashford University because my dream is to start my own Musical Pre-school one day, but any job working with kids and helping them grow and thrive would be ideal for me. In my spare time, I like trying different restaurants with the boyfriend and wine tasting with my parents. I also love staying healthy and fit so I am always working out and cooking healthy meals.

I feel Education brings great value to my life. Attaining my BA will open doors for many opportunities to work with kids and make a career out of it. I got tired of just working jobs for the paycheck and not loving what I do. I have a gift working with children and I feel it is my duty to fulfill that purpose and void. I am the type of person who has to love what I do so when I feel I am not growing anymore, it?s time to move on for me. I have felt that tug for too long so I finally decided to listen and go back to school to take the control back over my life and do what I am supposed to do instead of what just comes along. I found myself getting very frustrated because I know I am not living my purpose. When you have purpose, it makes the job you are doing soo much more meaningful. I feel, learning how to use more logic, will really prevent me from making dumb mistakes I have made in the past. Logic will let me think about a situation much more to ensure I choose the right thing to do for my future. I use emotion a lot when making decisions so I am hoping this course will teach me to think more, compare and contrast, before making an important decision. In my last 2 courses, I learned how to use critical thinking to my advantage. I am excited to dissect arguments and study reasoning! Looking forward to this course!

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