personal strategy

Using “The Prophet” (Kahlil Gibran) as a reference, create a short position paper on the topic of personal strategy. Consider the following: Personal strategies, when embraced by the individual, can impact a community or perhaps society as a whole.

[NOTE – The text is divided into numerous chapters including self-knowledge, friendship, time, freedom, good and evil, work, etc. You may wish to focus your efforts on one particular chapter or you may prefer to dabble with different quotes from different chapters.You can use this version from Project Gutenburg or find an alternative.]

Your paper needs to include:

Intro – In one paragraph briefly state your position agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.
Body – List 5 specific references (quotes) that support your position. Briefly explain each quote in your own words.

Conclusion – Consider personal strategies employed during struggles, accomplishments, challenges or achievements you have experienced that have impacted others in your community/society/family/sorority or fraternity/res hall/group/team. In other words, how have choices you have made impacted others? How have these choices framed your own personal strategy?

3-4 pages

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