Personal Research Project, Cultural Environment

Cultural Environment: The culture of a society and the social structure will have an impact on the success of your business venture. It may be as simple as the consumer’s level of acceptance, or more complex when you consider, for example, the labor force, language barriers, education, or religious beliefs. Of considerable importance to an international venture is how culture affects the management process, the organizational structure, or the values found in the workplace. Consider the impact of the culture and social structure, of the country you have selected, on the success of your business venture

  1. Briefly review the pertinent socio-culture factors of your country. Define each factor and explain why it is significant.
  2. What are the business and economic implications of the socio-cultural forces of your selected country?
  3. Could these socio-cultural values and norms affect the success of your business venture in this country? How?
  4. What is the average workplace environment like in this country, and if you decide to produce your product there, what would the implications be? Please, be specific as you discuss this issue.

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