part oneAn Op Ed is an opinion editorial piece. The author creates a strong argument based on…

part oneAn Op Ed is an opinion editorial piece. The author creates a strong argument based on opinion. It usually has some form of bias and is meant to sway the audience in siding with the author’s opinion.

This assignment asks you to create an OpEd piece for a local American newspaper. Choose to either be for American involvement in the Vietnam war or against US involvement.

Your Op Ed piece should be about 3-4 paragraphs long, with a clear introduction to the topic of American involvement in Vietnam, the pros and cons of such involvement, and your opinion whether or not such involvement is warranted and why. Conclude your argument by reiterating your main reasons for or against!

Your Op Ed piece should use at least 5 of the following terms in their appropriate context: Proxy War Containment Domino Theory Proxy War Military casualties Napalm Agent Orange Gulf of Tonkin Vietcongpartone:

part two:

The issues we discuss in the context of world history often seem remote, but issues involving war, peace, terrorism, alliances, political tensions, and military competition remain a part of the contemporary world. Your task for this assignment is to write a review on a current article that connects to some of the social, political, economic, military, and diplomacy topics facing us today. By current, that means it should be dated within the past 3 months!

Potential ideas (you can begin with a search through Google News): current wars, containment strategies, alliances, acts of appeasement, tolerance/lack of tolerance, terrorism, economic competition, military competition, cultural conflict, riots/protests, government corruption, military spending, weapons development, environmental, etc.

Your current event should include Paragraph 1: a brief summary of the article including: The title of the article Author List the source Why you chose this article/why you think the issue at hand is important Paragraph 2: list which of the 5 World history themes this event falls under, and briefly explain WHY the issue this article discusses falls under the given category. Theme 1: Development and Transformation of SOCIAL Structures Theme 2: POLITICAL – State-Building, Expansion, and Conflict Theme 3: INTERACTION Between Humans and the ENVIRONMENT Theme 4: Development and Interaction of CULTURES Theme 5: Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of ECONOMIC Systems

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