Paper instructions: For this milestone, you should turn in a sentence outline and annotated bibliogr

Paper instructions:
For this milestone, you should turn in a sentence outline and annotated bibliography for your final paper, in which you take the perspective of a particular stakeholder in your group project. A sentence outline means that all of the points you are going to make in your paper contain full sentences. The annotated bibliography should contain at least 10 sources, of which at least 2 are primary sources and 2 are articles in peer-reviewed journals. Your outline should address: -statement of the ethical issues presented in this case -an outline of your analysis from the perspective of the stakeholder group you chose, being sure to take into account ethical issues that arise in connection with to five issues that we have covered this semester: gender, design, risk assessment, responsibility and sustainability. For each of these issues, you must refer substantially to the theories and ideas presented in the course textbook. -your analysis/reflection on this case as a whole. How do you think better outcomes will or could be achieved in this case? What changes would need to be made with respect to regulation, liability, or social/cultural norms? What other recommendations do you have? This assignment is an outline, not your final paper. That said, you should strive in your outline to state the issues that you will address and the concepts from the book that you will use to analyze those issues. Use the annotated bibliography assignment to find resources that help you further your analysis, not simply to gather more information about the scientific or technical aspects of your case.

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