Paleontology and the Media Paleontology as covered in the news media continues to be a contentious i

Paleontology and the Media

Paleontology as covered in the news media continues to be a contentious issue Because the field is so diverse, discoveries are not necessarily well-publicized, quotes from scientists are often shortened for space, and sometimes news reports do not accurately reflect the science behind the story Also, what may be fascinating to the public (ie “The Largest Dinosaur Ever”), may not be as interesting to scientists, and some scientifically fascinating discoveries may not captivate the public imagination

This page provides links to current news reports and a sampling of contemporary important paleontological discoveries and issues Because paleontology is a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week scientific enterprise, and the rate of finds in its numerous fields is almost constant this colle

Click on the linkhttp://serccarletonedu/research_education/paleontology/inthenewshtml and read about “The origins of life”The Origins of Life

The origin of life continues to fascinate scientists, philosophers, the media and the public Discoveries in this field are continuous, but do not always receive a large part of the media spotlight Studying origins is difficult, because the fossils from the first half of the Earth’s history are often scarce, and sometimes highly altered by fossilization But discoveries like early eukaryotic cells, and multicellular embryos continue to astound, and with better technology, more are likely in the future

Then WRITE one to two pages reports about it with citations:

Post a synopsis, based on the results of your research, the answer(s) to the question(s) selected In the synopsis, include a brief explanation of the significance of the knowledge you learned from your research on historical geology and cite the reference source(s) of your research

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