Organizational Structure and Controls ?Hi i provided you pages from chapter 11 please read them…

Organizational Structure and Controls

​Hi i provided you pages from chapter 11 please read them carefully and answer the questions in the word file

please type your answers in the same the word file also use i want references from the book that i provided you

Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization, 12th Edition

Michael A. Hitt; R. Duane Ireland; Robert E. Hoskisson

this is the name of the book

3-4 pgs

Answer preview………… Organizational controls guide the use of strategy, indicate how to compare actual results with expected results, and suggest corrective actions to take when the difference between actual and expected results is unacceptable. Properly designed organizational controls—strategic and financial—provide insights into behaviors that enhance firm performance. Financial controls are largely objective criteria used to measure the firm’s performance against previously established quantitative standards, including accounting-based (e.g., return on investment, return on assets) and market-based (e.g., Economic Value Added) measures. Strategic controls are largely subjective criteria intended to verify that the firm is using strategies that are appropriate given the conditions in the external environment and the company’s competitive advantages………..

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