Online Social Networks and their influence on today’s youth Your paper should include a paragraph or 1 answer below »

Online Social Networks and their influence on today's youth Your paper should include a paragraph or two to provide some background about the topic you have chosen and the gap you see in the literature that leads you to ask this question. Also, explain your search method to access the most relevant information about your topic. If you are wondering what a search method is, it is a process or technique. It is "how" you go about researching a topic. Typically you will have criteria (a way of measuring what you find to determine if it is relevant) and you will have search terms (which are specific references to dates, places, events, people, concepts, authors, etc., that can be used in a search engine). A search method might include examining a wide variety of databases; it might including using the bibliographies in books and articles to find more sources. It might include restricting yourself to peer reviewed journal articles, etc. No matter what paper or what topic, you will always be using some method for searching for the information you need. Choose two articles pertinent to your topic and provide a citation for these articles using APA Style citation format. On every paper that you write for this school, you will include the title, your name, course name and number, instructor name, university name, and date. On your final paper, you will provide a cover sheet with this pertinent information.

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