Online Quiz about the book “Graphic Design Solutions: 4th edition by Robin Landa”

You have to have the book and have read the book “Graphic Design Solutions: 4th edition by Robin Landa” before. (You have to have the book, I don’t have the access to the book for you)

I will give you my account and password for the quiz later. The quiz takes 1 hour.

NEED an A.

You have to know how to answer the review questions below.

———REVIEW QUESTION (Don’t do this, just know how to answer, the quiz will be similar to these questions)——————-

The final exam is a open book short answer timed test. Once you start the final exam you will have one hour to complete.


1. What are the ?Formal Elements? of Design? (name 4) What are the Principles of Design (name 4)

2. What does ?Visual Hierarchy? mean? Why do designers use Visual Hierarchy when they are designing with text?

3. What is RGB? What is CMYK? Explain when you would use RGB over CMYK.

4. Define ‘GESTALT’ What does the concept have to do with Graphic Design?

5. Explain Resolution. What is the optimal Resolution for Print? What is the optimal Resolution for the web?

6. Describe a few defining characteristics of the all of the design history movements included on the DESIGN HISTORY RESEARCH PAPER LIST. Be prepared to name one major artist or designer from each movement. You should also be able to compare and contrast the movements.

7. Define the following characteristics of color:

8. What is the difference between Vector and Bitmap Graphics? What type of files do you create in Photoshop? What type of files do you create in Illustrator?

9. What is the difference between Graphic Design and Fine Art?

10. Name three influential designers

11. Name one design strategy you would use to create a focal point or area of emphasis in your design

12. Explain the following color terms as they relate to the color wheel:

13. Explain the following type terms
San Serif

14. What is Visual Identity and Branding in design? Name three companies that are heavily branded

15. What are a few reasons that a designer would use a grid? Name a major publication that uses a grid.. What Design Movement stressed the use of a grid?

16. What is the process a designer would follow to create a logo for a client. Name at least three important steps. Name three different types of logos.

17. What is negative space in design?

18. Name three different file formats graphic designers might use. When would you save a file as a jpeg instead of a native file format like .ai or .psd?

19. What does the term DPI mean and how does it affect image quality?

You should also review your chapter review question answers.


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