one discussion and two response for my classmates

  • Should the federal government provide any support/assistance for a specific company and/or industry in the U.S.? Explain.

There is a requirement of two postings minimum for each student. However, to receive full credit students must exceed the minimum. The comments must be substantive. Refrain from short postings such as “I agree’, “it is a good idea”, etc. You must clearly explain your position. There must be posting for both weeks of the module. I’m most interested in your personal opinion, but if you use some information from outside sources, you must provide references for those sources.

MY classmate’s discussion :

  • Should the federal government provide any support/assistance for a specific company and/or industry in the U.S.? Explain.

1.I think that the federal government should only intervene to provide support if the company has a significant impact on the economy and jobs making it too big to fail. It would be a disaster to let companies like the auto industry which contribute significantly to the economy fail. I do think that after the government intervenes, it should assess the management and practices of a company to ensure that whatever caused the problem is fixed and the company flourishes. Companies that are just irresponsible or have poor leadership and corrupt practices do not deserve government support. They need to fail so that possibly better companies can take their place and help to grow the economy. I think the government’s role should be to protect the population and promote anything that boosts the economy.


Yes, I think that the federal government should provide support for a specific company or industry. If an organization is providing a resource to the people and that service is a huge part of our everyday life, the government should provide support. The federal government providing support can ensure that dollars are being circulated and help the gross domestic product. I am sure that we all remember the auto industry bailout that took place some years ago. In my opinion, it was necessary for the government to get involved because of how important that industry is to the United States. If the federal government had not intervened, this disaster would have affected more than just the auto industry. It would have eventually trickled down to the every company that has anything to do with that industry such as dealerships, manufacturers etc. Also, small businesses benefit from government assistance through grants which may be somewhat different than the government providing assistance to a specific industry. Some industries need support as a means of a having a competitive strategic advantage and to help economic development.

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