one depository or non-depository financial institution in Oman, business and finance homework help

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The Task:

Choose one depository or non-depository financial institution in Oman. Outline the financial services

that said company offers to their clients. Moreover , it must offers a resolution whether is an accurate

compliance with the company?s moral and legal obligations. The use of recent reliable studies in the

discussion will be considered.


1.should concentrate a particular company that can be found in oman.

2.must outline the services that said company offered to their clients.

3.must describe and explain clearly customers? expectation from the said company.

4.must provide the objective of the assignment.

(950-1000) words


1.display the discovered responsibility and accountability of the company to their clients.

2.reveal clear discussion and resolution supported by some findings taken from recent reliable studies.

(800-900) words


The conclusion is in a paragraph form. This part should state what the researcher found after the study

was conducted. This is the end point of the discussion. This disclose the ?sorted-revealed fact?.

(200 words)

References must not be less than 10 and publication dates are from 2007-present. And should be

Harvard referencing format.

Total words 2000.

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