One 750 word forum post and one 500 word forum post criminal justice with peer reviewed works cited

Forum post 1 750 words:

This week please discuss in the forums how we can best organize our agencies and investigate, and prosecute, child exploitation crimes.


1.Currently what would you identify as our best defense against child exploitation on the internet? Be sure to back up your thoughts with sources and citations.

2.What problems might investigators run into when interviewing a victim of child exploitation?

Forum post 2 500 words:

Part I

First, I want you to identify three grounds a party may have for objecting to interrogatories. From your reading, which of these grounds do you think are the most frequently used? Why?

Part II

After listing at least three grounds for objecting to interrogatories, I would like you to play the role of judge in the following three fact patterns, which are drawn from the Professor?s Edition of our text-book.

First Fact Pattern:

James Attorney is a new associate at a prestigious downtown law firm. He is working on a major federal securities fraud case against a number of large banks. Andy has taken many depositions in the case James Attorney attempts to use the deposition testimony of one witness who is unavailable for the trial. Can he do so? Can he use deposition testimony of a witness or witness who testifies at trial? Also, James Attorney seeks to issue a subpoena to compel a witness’ attendance at a deposition. Can he do so? Because James Attorney believes that witnesses are likely to flee the country and not be available for a trial, can James Attorney videotape the witness interviews? During an especially tense deposition, a witness? attorney objects to several questions and directs his client to refuse to answer any questions. Can a witness refuse to answer James Attorney?s questions because his attorney objected to the form or the substance of a question?

Second Fact Pattern:

Counselor Carlos Clark has been retained to defend WDM Corporation, an international micro-chip kingpin, in a federal anti-trust action commenced by Plaintiff, a corporation, in the appropriate U.S. District Court. After Clark sought discovery of a large volume of documents from Plaintiff, Plaintiff advised Clark that it objected to Carlos’ discovery requests on the following grounds: 1. The documents sought are privileged. 2. The information sought is factual in nature and relates to the Plaintiff’s claims. 3. The documents sought were not calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. 4. The information sought is more easily obtainable from another source. How would you rule? Do you need more information to rule on these objections?

Third Fact Pattern:

Paul was injured while operating a drill press manufactured by Manco. Paul properly commenced an action against Manco in the appropriate U.S. District Court. Prior to trial, Paul sought discovery of a report which had been made for Manco by Brown, a claims investigator for Manco. Brown had inspected the machine and investigated the circumstances of the accident immediately thereafter. How should Paul obtain a copy of Brown?s report, if Manco does not want to disclose the report?s contents?

Remember that you initial post discussing both Parts I and II should be 500 words combined. Then, you also have to post at least two responses of 250 words each. In your answer, you should incorporate material from the text-book and provide examples and illustrations to support your answer.

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