Odyssey Character Review: Odysseus Thesis Statement: Odysseus is NOT a hero, because he is…

Odyssey Character Review: OdysseusThesis Statement: Odysseus is NOT a hero, because he is reckless, cold hearted, and disloyal as his actions in three episodes prove. (explain each of those 3 points of why he isn’t a true Hero.


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The Odyssey, Book V (Calypso)

The Odyssey, Books XVII-XX (the beggar at the palace)

The Odyssey, Book IX (lines 110-593) (cyclops)

 USING EXAMPLES FROM 3 of the ‘books/episodes’ assigned, CREATE a “character analysis”  of one (or more) of Homer’s characters in “The Odyssey” and how it affected the success of the entire famous story.In this essay each point is explaining why Odysseus is NOT a good leader.The examples can only come from the 3 books listed above.The thesis statement I have above MUST be used and not reworded. The whole essay will explain the thesis.MUST CITE QUOTES THROUGH OUT THE STORY FROM NORTON’S STORY  “ODYSSEY”……………..Answer Preview……………According to many human beings an act is justifiable if the outcome of the same is to the good of the greater society. People forget that ethical principles counter the argument on which the aforementioned fact is based. Conversely, in ancient society stories of heroes and their heroic were told to the children and passed down over generations. However in as much as these heroes’ acts were justified, some of them were not of good character even with the much glamour put on them due to their roles in the stories. Odysseus……………….APA861 Words Added to cart

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